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Lovely place to stay with wonderful views and fantastic hosts. Wish we could stay longer!

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When you book, we like you to let us know your expected time of arrival. But don't worry if your ferry or plane is late - we keep an electronic eye on arrival times!

You'll be greeted on arrival by one of our cheerful and helpful staff. Islanders - whether native or adopted - have a worldwide reputation for their hospitality and we like to keep up the tradition. Our staff will help you in with your bags, settle you into your room, and show you the facilities. If you have special mobility needs, we can assist you, too.

We have plenty or information on, car hire, what to do, where to go and how to make the most of your island stay. Information packs, are held in each room, and in the guest Breakfast  Room, are many local leaflets and things to do, as well as a large scale map, we ourselves have prepared 2 free leaflets, one covering Lewis, the other for Harris, available free of charge in the Breakfast Room,   but if you cannot find the information you need, just ask.

If you come during the weekend, one part of Hebridean culture which you may find different to most other parts of the UK is that of Sabbath Observance. A respectful stillness is cast across the island on Sundays in recognition of the strong role that religion plays in the islands' tradition. Experience tells us that this is an aspect which visitors find very appealing, particularly when they hear the ancient form of Gaelic psalm-singing, or listen to the sound of the silence. While no-one is expected to participate in religious services, visitors are always welcome. And you are invited to respect the peace and quiet, so valued by all. It is possible to get snacks and fuel in Stornoway and some of the restaurants and even public houses on the island do open, but remember there are no supermarkets or shops available, and no Sunday papers.

At the last census, 70% of islanders were Gaelic speakers, an ancient Celtic tongue, and it is used throughout the islands, particularly among the older generation and in the rural areas. You will see road signage in Gaelic, which often confuses sat-nav users! But don’t worry - everyone is also completely fluent in English.

If you arrive unexpectedly early and find the house unattended, just call 01851 700209. We're probably just a few minutes away!

Sandwick Bay B&B, Sandwick Cottage, 30 Millar Road, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, HS1 2RX
Tel: 01851 700209 Email: